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Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

We enjoyed our 3 - day safari experience to Ngala Safari Lodge extremely much. The staff, food, accommodation, and daily guided safari's was awesome. We would recommend it to anyone seeking a most excellent African adventure.Ashley and Courtney Stone - South Africa


South Africa and the safari parks are amazing all the staff and the guides and trackers are the best ever they look after you very good every one is happy to give you the best stay ever food and drinks are fantastic, thank you every one that works at Ngala safari park for making my holiday the best one ever xxx thank you dan our tracker xx


I wanted to give my kids the experience of a safari but we all got so much more out of it. We were transferred into a fairy-tale as from the moment we arrived. We were confronted with a staff that made each single minute at Ngala worth while. We especially fell in love with our ranger Jenni who created the time of our life for us. My 6 year old son cried when we had to leave. He even offered me all his savings as contribution to our hopefully next trip to Ngala. We hope to return soon to see more wildlife (we really saw all the animals we had dreamt of), to enjoy the company of the Ngala staff again and to experience more adventures.


Being in Ngala, was a wonderful experience. A trip through one of the most amazing places we have been (and we have traveled a lot!). The rooms are wonderful, the food is great, the staff is kind and always ready to help. We saw all the animals we wanted to see (including the big five) and others we did not expect (like the wild dog). We traveled with our son, who is 7 years old, and he experienced the most incredible time of his life. Deserve a special mention our ranger, Jennie, and the tracker, Elvis, two very special people who devoted all attention to us, sparing no efforts (doing more than they were supposed to). Totally recommended.


Planning a trip to Kruger? Stay at Ngala. This private reserve safari property is one of four safari trips I've taken in Africa, and it was a top experience. Our guide, Elliott, was so amazing. He is one of the most joyful, friendly guides I've ever encountered, and so knowledgeable and patient. Given that Ngala was not our first safari experience, I had a couple specific requests for things I wanted to see/experience during our stay. I know there are no guarantees on a safari, but Elliott delivered over and over and over again, and made sure we had the experiences we desired throughout our week at the property. We also thoroughly enjoyed our time with him at dinners and hearing his stories. His close encounter with a leopard during one of our drives will no doubt be a story he tells other groups for years to come! The bungalows are very, very comfortable and private. The food was great and the open air dining room/bar area was a pleasant place to gather even when it wasn't meal time. The entire staff was very professional and friendly - I am now disappointed that no one is at my own house to greet me with warm towels and a beverage when I come home at the end of the day. And while the game drives were awesome because of the animals, the positive experience is entirely due to the great staff of Ngala. I'd also mention that of all the safaris I've been on, the game drives at Ngala were some of the most adventurous I've experienced. We were in completely open top vehicles that were capable of going very off-the-beaten-path. This was important for seeing some of the animals we had hoped to see, including a precious den of hyena cubs, as well as wild dogs which were at the top of my "must-see" list for this visit. Ngala is the perfect safari experience whether you are traveling with friends, as a couple, or as a family. I can't wait to return some day and plan on visiting other andBeyond properties based on this experience.


Me and my wife started off our honeymoon at Ngala. Cried a bit when we left. I guess that is a good indication of how good the stay was. As everyone has mentioned before me - it is the staff at the lodge that makes the whole experience extraordinary to say the least. They all walk that extra mile for you. And I mean everyone single one of them. Couldn't have asked for more.


This was our first Safari trip and at the last minute we decided to extend our stay from 2 nights to 5 nights. I am so glad we did. We had been advised by friends etc that 2 nights is plenty of time but I disagree. To fully appreciate the environment you need to immerse yourself in the rhythm of the bushveld and it can take a few days to acclimatise (and get over a long haul flight). The team at Ngala are wonderful - truly authentic and obviously loving what they do. The meals are freshly prepared with wonderful African flavours and the accommodation is comfortable and feels very safe. But on to the most important point - the drives. The great thing about Ngala is that they are not governed by the rules of the Kruger National Park which means they can drive 'off track' enabling you to access great sightings. We had the most fabulous Safari experience and I would not hesitate in recommending them.


We stayed at Ngala safari lodge for 3 nights and it was the most amazing experience. We did not know what to expect since this was our first safari but we were blown away by the whole experience. Firstly we were met by a staff member at the airport and on our way to the lodge we saw so many spectacular animals. The lodge was beautiful and peaceful, staff members were welcoming and nice and the food was great. Every night we had a beautiful dinner waiting for us when we got back from our game drive which included great service, bottles of wine and great ambiance. Words cannot describe how incredible the game drives were, we could not get enough. I highly recommend this lodge!


I like to share our experience About Ngala park.It was really a highlight on our trip in south Afrika.THE ngala park is beautyfull. But THE staff is fantastic!!!As also THE ranger Amy and Steve THE ranger and spotter They do everything to let you see THE big five and more.We enjoyed our stay so much, that we absolutly come back.Also THE breakfast, lunch and diner was delicious, we where spoiled all over.Thank you flat you make our stay At THE ngala lodge unforgetable.!

Jozina Adriana Maria de jonge

As this was our first safari, we did not know what to expect. This park, the staff, and the reserve absolutely knocked our socks off!! We could not have asked for better guides and trackers and all-around service. We saw the Big 5 - sometimes all 5 in one day! It was amazing and I would recommend this lodge to anyone in a heartbeat. They take care of the land, they care about the animals, and they anticipate your every need and want. GO!

Amy Kirsner

Our first game reserve for our family of four (kids 14 & 12) and we left with a more remarkable experience after 3 days than we could ever have imagined. The friendly, amazing staff in the lodge (my children now have an African mother - Connie) plus the best ranger (Andre) and tracker (Norman) - very knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about all the wildlife - yes we saw the Big 5 !! Every game drive had a special sense of adventure and fun which was definitely because of Andre and Norman. The food was amazing (thank you Esther) as well as the lodge choir who performed a number of times including a lovely birthday cake presentation. Our butler Tussen always made sure we were looked after.We stayed in the two bedroom suite which was perfect for a family where we could sit on the deck and watch the passing parade of baboons, impala. warthogs, buffalo.... The highlight on our last night was coming home to find a beautiful dinner set up on our deck ablaze with lanterns - complete only with a visit from the ladies choir.... Thanks to Beatrice and all her amazing staff for making this stay so special for us.